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SOMEONE LIKE YOU - The Feature Film

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"Ashley and Landon" tells the story of many kinds of love and is a deleted scene from the Baxter family books written by #1 New York Times Bestselling Author Karen Kingsbury. The short film stars Kelsey Kupecky as Ashley Baxter; her husband, Kyle Kupecky as Landon Blake; and Austin Robert Russell as Luke Baxter.  It was directed by the talented Tyler Russell, and additionally the film’s original song “Remember You” was written and performed by Tyler Russell.  


“As I set out to create Karen Kingsbury Productions, I decided to make a concept film, something that would demonstrate the type of movie I want to produce. When it was finished, I was so impressed with the quality that I knew this short film would be so much more than merely a concept.” The film is currently under consideration by more than twenty national and international film festivals.


“In this drama, it was important to show many kinds of love, and the way people often move in and out of relationship. Music played in the wind on the day we shot this film, and I believe we found colors only God knows exist.”  —  Karen Kingsbury

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Karen Kingsbury Productions is the newly formed company of #1 New York Times Bestselling author Karen Kingsbury, America’s favorite storyteller with 30 million copies in print. Karen Kingsbury Productions exists to create love stories and dramatic movies that are beautiful, redemptive, and unforgettable. Like her books, Kingsbury’s films will be life-changing in that they illustrate the importance of faith, family, forgiveness, love, and hope.

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