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NASHVILLE, Tenn. (September 26, 2022) — Karen Kingsbury Productions announces SOMEONE LIKE YOU as the first novel to screen adaptation from the company. Starring Sarah Fisher (“Degrassi: The Next Generation.” ROXY) and Jake Allyn (NO MAN’S LAND, SWEET GIRL) and featuring Robyn Lively (“Cobra Kai”, TEEN WITCH), Lynn Collins (X-MEN ORIGINS: WOLVERINE, JOHN CARTER), Bart Johnson (HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL, LITTLE WOMEN) and Scott Reeves (“The Young and the Restless,” “General Hospital”), SOMEONE LIKE YOU is a love story with redemptive themes of family reconciliation, sacrifice, and beauty from tragedy, and is based on Kingsbury’s popular New York Times bestselling book by the same name. 


“The casting process was very competitive, so I am thrilled with the talented actors who will bring SOMEONE LIKE YOU to life,” Karen Kingsbury said. “This brilliant team resonated deeply with the script and understands the heartfelt and redemptive message of the story.”


Filming for SOMEONE LIKE YOU will begin in October in and around Nashville, with principal photography set to wrap in November and a tentative release planned for Fall 2023. The script was written by Kingsbury and Tyler Russell (Hallmark’s MAGGIE’S CHRISTMAS MIRACLE, Sony’s “A Thousand Tomorrows”), with Kingsbury executive producing and Russell directing. 


“Every day is an adventure,” said Kingsbury. “Working with people who actually exist is very different than being buried in the pages of a novel. I’m loving it!”


Science raises questions only love can answer in this moving and thought-provoking story from the #1 New York Times bestselling author of “heart-tugging and emotional” (Romantic Times Book Reviews) life-changing fiction.


The film centers on a young woman with a beautiful life built on a lie who must sort out her past in order to fully embrace her future. Can she overcome and forgive the deception to reconcile with her family and accept the offer of unconditional love and healing?

SOMEONE LIKE YOU is working with the Tennessee Film Commission, and is one of a dozen or so films approved for a rebate for filming in the state of Tennessee. 



“Science raises questions only love can answer in this unforgettable story of tragedy, forgiveness, and breathtaking romance.” — Amazon 

"Award-winning author Karen Kingsbury is known for her emotional, heart-tugging novels, and her latest is no exception .... A tale of forgiveness and love.” 
Woman’s World Magazine 

Her beautiful life was built on a lie … but it was a lie that led her to him.

Andi Allen, 23, is shaken to the core when she finds out she is not biologically related to her family. Her parents had always planned to tell her the truth about her past: that she was adopted as an embryo.  But somehow the right moment never happened.  


The truth comes to light when a stranger, Dawson Gage, 28, confronts Andi with the truth and tells her something else that rocks her world—Andi had a sister she never knew about.  Betrayed, angry, and confused, Andi leaves home and all she knows of life, including her new job at the Nashville Zoo, and her longtime boyfriend.  She rejects her parents’ request for forgiveness and instead follows Dawson to Birmingham to find out who she really is.

Leading up to this, Dawson’s life was destroyed when London Quinn, 27, his best friend and the only girl he’s ever loved, is killed in a tragic accident.  In the hospital waiting room, London’s mother, Louise and Larry Quinn, reveal that London might have a sibling - the frozen embryo she and her husband donated to a fertility doctor decades ago.  When Dawson finds Andi and brings her to Birmingham, Louise and her husband welcome her into their lives, their home, and their hearts.  The girls are very different, but also very alike, as if London is alive again. 


After a month, Andi learns that Louise needs a kidney transplant.  Andi volunteers and is a perfect match.  Along the way, Andi is comforted by Louise’s love, and her memories of London.  Is this the family and life Andi was really meant to have?  The more time she spends jet skiing on the river with Dawson Gage and sharing deep conversations with Louise, the more Andi doesn’t want to go back to Nashville.  But is that the right choice?


Now it will take the sacrificial and heartbreaking love of both Dawson and Louise to help Andi forgive, find grace, and truly make her way home again.

© 2022 Karen Kingsbury Productions

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